Are you feeling burned out and at the end of your rope?

You’d be hard pressed not to in this insane world we live in. All of us are feeling the press in some way, and most of us are feeling as though we’ve come to the end of the road in a million different ways. It’s gross. It’s uncomfortable. No one likes to feel exhausted and used up. The reality, though, is that our burnout carries some very important messages for us, and the chance to change the course of our futures forever.

What your burnout is trying to tell you.

Like our emotions, burnout comes with a number of important messages that we often don’t heed. True burnout isn’t just a matter of exhaustion – it’s an “end of the road” sign. Your burnout has arrived to tell you that you’re heading in the wrong direction and living out of line with your true nature and needed reality.

You’re in the wrong place

First and foremost,  burnout is a sign that you’re in the wrong place in your life. Think of this as the big picture warning. You’ve become totally frazzled and exhausted because you’re pouring yourself out into something that doesn’t return any real energy to benefit. When we’re doing the right things, with the right people, in-tune with our true skills and nature (not masking) we don’t end up burned out  by the things that we’re filling our lives up with. Because those same things pour positive energy and rewards back into us.

You’re in the wrong relationship

If your burnout is relationship related, then it’s important for you to acknowledge a really hard truth. Coming to the end of your rope in a partnership often means that you’re with the wrong partner. While there are certainly ups and downs in good partnerships, there should never come a point in which you feel that your relationship or your partner are more work than they’re worth. When you feel like you can’t go on with them, it’s usually a sign that you shouldn’t.

You’re not living your truth

Here’s another truth that most turn their back on. We all have a purpose and meaning for being on this planet. Not necessarily in a cosmic way, but a natural one instead. Think of this planet like a giant brain, and we are all the little neurons that fire up and carry specific messages to specific parts of the brain. We all have specific skills and passions that come to us naturally. And those skills and passions are a part of our purpose here.

If you’re burned out, you’re misfiring. You’re in the wrong place, doing the wrong work, and you’re not helping anyone – certainly not yourself.  It’s you’re job to get on the right path and to live in your truth. The brain can’t be well when it’s fundamental parts aren’t working.  For our societies and our planet to heal, we need to be living in our truths. Not living burned out and in a constant state of panic and lack.

How we change the burnout narrative.

Do you feel these truths in your bones? Looking around your life, you’re probably keenly aware that you’re not where you wanted to be, and that you’re not getting what you want or deserve. The only way we can overcome this sense of burnout is by making a major swerve. Do the impossible. Do the scary. In short, we have to take a leap of faith and be brave enough to totally transform our lives.

Easier said than done, right? It always is.

Taking that step off  the cliff is no small thing. It asks no only bravery, but absolute faith and commitment in who we are and what we know to be right for us. How can you ever be certain of the uncertain? You can’t. All the same you have to  double-down on your bet and roar into the face of everything that’s holding you back.  That’s where our Divine Rage comes in.

Embracing your Divine Rage

Divine Rage is that fundamental sense of denial and injustice that all of us feel. We know that we’re not getting what  we want, or what we deserve, and there’s a simmering rage that comes with subconscious knowledge. Harnessing this anger is transformative.  It will move mountains in the face of fear and redefine the way we see ourselves.

Tap into your Divine Rage. Step into the saying, “Enough is Enough.”

Our planet is melting, our society is unravelling before us. The world as we know it is breaking down and we are being pushed to the limits of our sanity –  all while being traumatized and re-traumatized day-in and day-out. There should be a fire of rage inside of every single one of us. And that anger should be pushing us to make serious changes not only to our own lives, but the world at large too.

Tap into your Divine Rage –  that cosmic knowledge that you are not where you could be. Be determined to get the life you want, and stop settling for lives (and relationships) that don’t fill you up or make you feel like all the work is worth it. Now is the time. There’s no more waiting for the perfect moment. The minute you became unhappy was the moment to act. Don’t stay miserable for one more moment.

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