Want to get the best of my advice when and where you need it? I am so excited to announce that my new podcast – Practical Growth – is coming to your favorite streaming service on September 24th  @ 5PM. That’s right! You are going to get even more great life and relationship advice, as well as some very special guests that will shine even more light on what it means to be human and engaged with the world.

Sure, you’re going to get the relationship advice that you love – but this podcast is so much more than that. Together, we’re going to explore the ups and downs of life. We’ll confront the reality of healing, and even what love and connection look like within modern living.

In the first season of Practical Growth we are going to cover:

  • Narcissists and narcissistic families 
  • Escaping abusive relationships 
  • Confronting abusive parenting 
  • Building better physical and emotional intimacy 
  • Find a way to recovery for ourselves 

Launching a new episode each week, this is the idea supplement to my array of self-discovery and relationships content that you can find on Medium. There are no more excuses. If you want a better life, you can have it – and I’m going to give you the power to act on that dream. The only thing left for you to do is to take the next step. Are you ready?

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