Exciting news! There are some powerful new releases coming exclusively to the Practical Growth shop very, very soon…

First up is a an all-in one power guide, “Love & 50 Other Things“. This pocket full of wisdom contains some of my best advice on love, life, family, and so much more. With all new design, this will become one of your favorite on-the-go inspirational tools. Shift your perspective and re-program your brain with these 50+ great lessons.

New books coming soon to Practical Growth.

Not enough to scratch that itch? “Navigating Your Toxic Family” may be the solution for you.

This is my guide for survivors of toxic and narcissistic families who aren’t ready to go “no contact”. You don’t always have to cut off the toxic people in your life, nor is it always an option. So, instead of going hardcore, you find new ways to live. That’s what this book is all about. It contains my best advice on the grey rock technique, boundary setting, and confronting the toxic realities of the family you love so much.

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