My next live workshop has officially been announced!

It is happening on Friday, February 3rd and it is exclusively open to members of the Practical Growth group coaching membership.

This membership is one of the best ways for those on a self-recovery journey to get coached by me. Join a community of 30 other dedicated learners just like you, who are committed to figuring out who they are and creating lives (and relationships) you value.

The Practical Growth group coaching membership is ideal for anyone who is: 

  • Struggling to make lasting change
  • Has plateaued in traditional therapy
  • Wants a safe and supportive community

When you join the Practical Growth group membership on Patreon, you get instant access to videos, polls, exclusive content, podcast episodes, a private Discord community, and live workshops.

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of getting coached by me, or you just want to figure out what it’s really all about, join this monthly group coaching membership. It’s a no-pressure place to connect and discover the motivation you need to heal on your own terms.

Learn more on Patreon.