Chasing Pain


Ever wondered why you always stumble into toxic relationships? Want to stop falling for the same controlling and manipulative partners?

Building better relationships comes down to knowing ourselves and acknowledging our patterns. That’s a hard process, but one that is so rewarding too. When we confront the reasons behind our need to chase and settle in love and relationships, we rediscover who we are and what we really want in life and in love.

Do you want to become a better partner? Want to attract a higher quality spouse or lover into your life? It all comes down to knowing yourself first, and the reasons behind your mad chase into the arms of toxic love.

From top writer, certified coach, and Master Practitioner NLP – E.B. Johnson sheds light on all the reasons you chase love that is both unfulfilling and dangerous. Don’t allow these patterns to settle unless you want to punish yourself (and your family) for decades to come.