A few weeks ago, I launched my first podcast — Practical Growth. A deep dive into life, relationships, and what it means to be happy and whole, this podcast is a real labor of love and one I’m really proud to be sharing with all my readers.

Because here’s the truth: Not everyone can afford coaching. Heck, not everyone can afford a platform membership here.

But podcasts are FREE. And that’s why it was so important to me to release this podcast before we fell into the madness of Christmas and the New Year. It’s an accessible way for everyone to access the best of my advice, on-the-go wherever it’s needed.

I want each episode to be a little coaching session wrapped up in a bow for you. Get clarity on the things that matter and learn more about what makes you tick from the inside out.


The Practical Growth Podcast Cover Image

Episode #103 is live now


To celebrate the launch of Practical Growth, I’m giving away a totally free eBook to every listener who leaves a 5⭐️ review on Apple Podcasts. Literally. There’s no gimmick or catch.

All you have to do is leave a quick review explaining what you loved about the podcast or episode you listened to. When your review goes live (it can take up to 48 hours) take a screenshot and send it to me here or on Instagram.

Everyone that does this is going to get a totally FREE copy of my eBook, ‘Chasing Pain’ which helps you to uncover the toxic behavioral patterns that are undermining your life and relationships.

Ready to check out the podcast? This week, we are talking about attraction and what really makes us attractive to our partners (according to science). Spoiler Alert: It’s not physical beauty.

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