Healing is such a scary process to undertake. It usually starts out in fear and in confusion, with a major realization that causes pain just to accept. That’s how it usually starts with trauma survivors, who kick their journeys off by realizing they were hurt by themselves and those they loved.

When you go about rebuilding your life, it begins in the dark. You try new things and meet new people, all in the aims of creating new behaviors and a future that doesn’t make you miserable.

This is why so many people never make it down the road to recovering from their pain.

Not everyone is brave enough to fix their lives. Doing so requires them to admit not only to the pain inflicted by others. When you commit to true self-improvement and healing, you have to face yourself too.

How do you overcome the fear that comes with this realization? How do you get past the terror of facing yourself in the mirror of reality?

Moving Beyond Fear to Heal

Are you becoming stagnant? Unable to take that next big step toward the life you want to lead? Your fear could be holding you back. Use these 3 proven steps if you want to move beyond it toward a healthier tomorrow:

1. Know what waits for you

The first step in moving beyond your fear requires you to create an emotionally stirring vision of your future. You’re not going to recover a version of yourself you don’t believe in. So where does your ideal future lie? Create healing goals that you are emotionally connected to, that motivate you to act beyond the fear you feel.

2. Value your happiness

Too many people value their fear more than their happiness, and that’s part of the puzzle in their failure to heal. They don’t think they are fundamentally worth as much happiness as anyone else. You have to change that to make the shift happen. Value your peace more than you fear a future that you can’t predict.

3. Put things into perspective

Beating your fear requires a new perspective. Take a step back and assess the bigger picture. You’re an ape on a spinning rock in the middle of an infinitely big universe. No matter what you do – good, bad, in-between – it will disappear in time. When you zoom out, you see how little there is to truly fear and how little truly matters.


Your fear will keep you from geting everything you want in this life. That fear becomes the obstacle to better relationships, a healthier body, and a mind and spirit that is resilient enough to thrive.

Are you willing to giving all that power to your fear? Are you going to be one of those people who gets left behind because they’re scared? Your happiness lies on the other side of your fear. Which do you value more? At some point, a decision has to be made.

For you, I hope that you choose to bet on yourself and your future. You are brave enough and strong enough to survive anything. Your very existence is a testament to the strength passed down to you by your ancestors. Embrace that strength and use it to become determined enough to recover from your trauma – on your own terms.

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