As we stand on the cusp of a monumental moment in the mental health landscape, I am thrilled to introduce you to a resource that was born out of compassion and expertise – my upcoming workbook Empowered Healing, tailored for trauma survivors.

This insightful workbook marks the dawn of a structured approach to trauma healing, aiming to provide a beacon of hope and a path toward profound personal growth and renewal.

For many, trauma is a silent, unseen oppressor that has the power to alter the very fabric of one’s life. In a world where trauma is all too common, it is critical that we, as a community, provide survivors with the tools they need to reclaim their sense of self and narrative. This is where my workbook steps in – not just as a companion, but as a guiding light on the tumultuous road to healing.

Understanding Trauma: Defining the Indefinable

Trauma is not just a word; it’s an experience that can erode the foundations of our psyche. When you experience trauma, you ultimately experience a complete system overwhelm. There are many symptoms from there that can derail your life and sense of self.

Before you can launch into a rigorous healing regime, one has to understand what happens during and after the trauma experienced. You are changed from the inside out. Not only is your nervous system overwhelmed. The stories you write about yourself are changed.

Total system overwhelm

Trauma, by its very definition, is a state of emotional overwhelm in which an individual’s ability (or resources) needed to deal with their experiences are unequal to what they are experiencing. Meaning it’s a state of powerlessness in which a person is put into a genuine state of fear. That fear overwhelms them emotionally, and physically in several ways. It’s total system overwhelm that leaves long-term scars.

Stored emotional energy

One of the terrifying things about trauma is the emotional energy it leaves stored in bodies. This generally manifests as tension in pain, starting in muscle systems and expanding into the very nervous system. It’s not uncommon for those with a history of trauma to find themselves dealing with chronic pain disorders (or worse) on the back of their unresolved emotional traumas.

Creating deficiency stories

Deficiency stories are the tales we tell ourselves about our worth and our abilities. Those who experience trauma become skilled craftspeople when it comes to these stories. The longer their trauma goes unaddressed, unvalidated, and unresolved, the better they get at creating narratives in which they are at fault and deserving of what happened to them. Over time, this can become a low sense of self-worth and a loss of personal identity that warps their opportunities and relationships across the board.

Nervous system meltdown

Above and beyond anything else, trauma is a destructive force on the nervous system. That’s where trauma is rooted. The different parts of the nervous system — specifically the autonomic portion of the nervous system — whir into overdrive in an attempt to keep the individual protected. This is the “fight or flight” part of the nervous system, and when it is triggered by trauma it floods the body with cortisol which can cause many complications for the rest of the body (especially the adrenal system).

Orphaned parts

Sadly, with the experience of unresolved trauma comes the orphaned parts of self. This is a heartbreaking part of the trauma experience in which individuals abandon those parts of themselves they associate with the trauma (or the “deservingness” of it). For some, this may look like abandoning their sexuality, healthy relationships, or opportunities that express their deepest skills and desires. As a result, the true self is abandoned.


This understanding of trauma and how it affects us is what sets my workbook apart. More than that, Empowered Healing operates from the understanding that trauma is not a monolithic entity with a single face. It can manifest in a plethora of ways – from PTSD and anxiety to depressive episodes and complex flashbacks. In Empowered Healing I demystify these manifestations, breaking them down into palatable, navigable sections.

Crafting Your Resilience: Inside the Workbook

I’ve meticulously crafted this workbook to echo the inherent resilience within every trauma survivor. Each chapter is a treasure trove of exercises, reflections, and resources designed to facilitate structured healing. How does it work? Here are just a few of the elements you’ll find in Empowered Healing to synergize to support and challenge, spur personal development, and foster resilience.

  1. Self-Care Practices – Establishing a Daily Routine: Learn how establishing a daily self-care routine is pivotal in creating stability and promoting healing.
  2. Coping Strategies – Mindfulness, Meditation, and Stress Reduction: Learn about practical coping mechanisms to manage stress and enhance emotional well-being.
  3. Resilience Building – Identifying Personal Strengths and Strategies: Discover inner strengths and develop strategies that foster resilience.
  4. Understanding Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Reappraisal: Explore the brain’s ability to rewire itself and how cognitive reappraisal can reshape thought patterns.
  5. Somatic Activation – The Mind-Body Connection in Healing: Engage the body to support the mind, using physical activity as a tool for activation and stress relief.
  6. Building Community – The Role of Support Systems and Social Engagement: Learn how to develop and maintain a support system as a part of the healing process.
  7. Reflecting on Progress and Growth: Record the progress made and identify areas for continued growth.

The workbook isn’t just for individuals. It is also a resource for advocates and allies who seek to support the healing process. Its dynamic design enables users to customize their experience, creating a personalized approach to what can often feel like an insurmountable task – healing from trauma.

The Release: Unlocking Your Journey to Healing

The Empowered Healing workbook will be released in the Practical Growth Store on Thursday, May 2nd 2024. Whether you’re a day one adopter or plan to incorporate the workbook into your ongoing therapeutic process, this is *the date* to mark in your calendar.

I’ll be going LIVE on TikTok @ 7PM (BST) to celebrate the release with a free giveaway and live Q&A for my followers and subscribers.

Attendees will learn about the special events and promotions surrounding the launch, fostering a sense of community and shared celebration. The release is not just a date; it’s a milestone in the collective effort to address, heal, and overcome trauma.

Wrapping Up Your Healing Odyssey

This workbook is going to be an undeniable tool for survivors and their advocates. Consider this more than simply the introduction of a product; it’s a call to action for the community to band together in support of trauma recovery and a tool that can help them grow.

Want to be one of the first to grab your copy? Join the waitlist or spread the word. The more resources we have as survivors, the more successful and fulfilled we can become.

For all who have felt the crushing weight of trauma, for all the survivors who are yet to own their narrative, there is hope – and it’s shaped like a workbook. Millennia after our predecessors etched their stories onto the fabric of our culture, we have a new medium – a workbook that empowers us not merely to survive our traumas, but to transcend them.

Join me and together, we can unlock the gate to a brighter, more resilient future with Empowered Healing. The release of my workbook for trauma survivors is not just a new chapter; it’s a whole new book waiting to be written – by you.


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