When Amy met me, she was spiraling. Fired from her dream job and ejected from a relationship she had been nurturing for 22 years – she was lost, rudderless, and convinced that life was never going to get better.

Everything bad that could happen to her was happening to her, and this spiral lasted for a long time. By the time that Amy crossed my path, her brain had her convinced that it would never get better…and her experiences reinforced those beliefs. She was giving up, and choosing all the things that someone with destroyed self-esteem chooses.

Amy bounced right into an even more toxic and alienating relationship. She ended up losing contact with her kids, losing her home, and starting a business that failed within the first 6 months. No matter what she did, Amy just coldn’t turn it around for herself.

That’s the reality. Sometimes we can’t.

We aren’t always capable of putting our lives back on the track they need to be on. Sometimes, we don’t have the tools that are needed to soothe ourselves. We’re trapped in the middle of a storm and we can’t see the horizon for the chaos. In those moments we need the help of people who know what storms can be.  We have to find people who can show us the way out.

That’s what I did with Amy.

She signed up for my 8-week program, and a few days later we were engaged in creating a full-scale plan to overhaul her life.

It all started by getting to the root of her pain. Why was she choosing all the wrong things? Why had she put herself in a position to fail? How could she overcome the pain that had been implanted in her by her low self-esteem and the bad behavior of others.

Next, we had to reprogam her brain. We got her realigned with her values and acting in line with the true goals that she had in line for her life and her relationship.

It all culminated in giving her the tools she needed to regulate her emotions and repair the damage that had been done to her brain and the rest of her central nervous system through the repeated experience of trauma. Amy had been moving through the world as though external circumstances could right the wrongs within her. That was a the greatest part of her suffering.

In just 8-weeks, we were able to turn Amy’s life around as a team.

Nope. She didn’t erase anything that had happened to her. The bad in her life didn’t cause her any less grief, the trauma wasn’t magically gone. We gave Amy the tools she needed to overcome those things, and it turns out that’s all she needed to see a dramatic rise in her self-esteem, her future vision, and the drive she felt to go after what she wanted (personally and professionally).

I can give you this vision and this fresh start, too. If you’d like to try, apply now for my 8-week private coaching program and learn the basics of neuroplastic processing, cognitive reprogamming, and trauma-informed personal recovery.

Remember, you’re not responsible for what happened to you. But you are responsible for giving yourself the highest quality life that you can. You deserve that. You deserve to be happy, to be whole, to be confident in who you are and where you’re going. Only you can recognize this future for yourself. Invest in it. Commit to it. Become the person you were meant to be on the terms you set for yourself.

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