What happens when you realize something in your life has to change?

Do you leap off the couch, ready to launch into action? Do you do whatever it takes to get things right, even if that means taking accountability, changing the way you eat, or changing the people in your life?

Not everyone embraces change the same way. Most of us are fearful of change. We associate it with bad things and with overwhelming emotions that can follow. It’s scary. Especially if you have a traumatized nervous system, or change was weaponzied against you in a traumatic home or relationship?

Even if you are someone who is committed to making change happen, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Do you have to overhaul your entire life? Quit your job? Move across the country? End your marriage of 25 years?

Making lasting change is hard – both to do and to maintain. It’s emotionally taxing, mentally demanding, it can take a toll on our physical bodies too. No matter how well you navigate it, changing your life can feel like you’re swimming against the current in the middle of a hurricane. Who doesn’t want to give up in those conditions?

That’s why I created a coaching program for survivors of dysfunctional homes and childhoods. Having survived 2+ decades of narcissistic abuse (in which my own mother was the primary perpetrator) I know that changing your life, breaking out of the cycles and the patterns, can feel like an eternally uphill journey.

Over 8-weeks, I work with you to reprogram your brain and retrain new emotionally productive behaviors. Through weekly one-hour sessions, using NLP presuppositions and best practices, I provide you with the tools to regulate your thoughts and feelings so you can take charge of the quality of your life.

Interested in finding out more? Visit my website. Ready to get the guidance you need to make real changes in your life? Apply now and get support, accountability, and a path forward from one of Medium.com’s top writers and NLPMP coaches.

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