Every year, we learn more and more about our brains and our bodies. The secrets are astounding. If you’re someone who is looking for peace after trauma, then your nervous system holds the key…

For a long time, we’ve been looking into our minds and our hearts for the power to heal. We’ve been told that changing our thoughts would bring us that physical sense of relaxation and peace we’ve been craving. But that’s not the case. Changing your thoughts is only half of the problem. You have to heal the physical components of your body that contribute to the continued experience of trauma and stress you’re experiencing.

Your Nervous System Is the Root of the Problem

We now know that the experience of trauma is not an emotional one alone. Experiencing the upheavals of a violent childhood, war, displacement, abusive relationships, all of those things actually cause physical damage to our nervous systems. That means that our brain and all the nerves that lead into it are affected by big, overwhelming emotions. For us to find peace, we have to address this physical system and find solutions that can bring it physical ease for highest effective function. (Because the worse your nervous system function is, the more anxious and stressed you become.)

How do our nervous systems become dysregulated?

A nervous system on the fritz is nothing to laugh about. When you are living in this state, they can find every aspect of their lives turned upside down. Sympathetic systems, parasympathetic systems, the dorsal vagus, and the ventral vagus can all get activated. Our systems get stuck in “fight vs. flight vs. freeze” and that comes with physical costs, mental costs, and emotional costs, too.

But what causes our nervous systems to get dysregulated? Is it one big event? Is it a series of events? There are a million different answers and no one person will find that they have exactly the same combination of causes.

A dysregulated nervous system can be caused by big events and a series of traumatizing events over time, including:

  • Psychological trauma
  • Long-term stress
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Long-term economic trauma
  • Abusive relationships
  • Traumatic life events
  • Chronic immune disorders
  • Environmental exposure
  • System inflammation

Pinpointing the causes of our nervous system dysregulation can be an important first step in healing the chaos it causes us to feel. It’s only a start, however. For us to truly find the relief that we crave, we must also address the issues it causes.

A dysregulated nervous system wreaks absolute havoc on the lives of those living in its shadow. From rocky relationships to a collapse in mental and physical health, if you don’t learn how to manage your nervous system, it will shut down your ability to be happy at every opportunity.

Signs your nervous system is dysregulated

What are the signs of a dysregulated nervous system? Well if you’re a neurodivergent person, someone with GAD or PTSD, then you probably know the symptoms well. Living with a dysregulated nervous system leaves survivors in a hypervigilant state. You’re on edge, moody, short-fused, and anxious all the time. That can lead to a lot of problems. Relationships, and cognitive abilities, all of it is affected by these signs of a dysregulated nervous system:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia and sleep issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Lowered immune function
  • Mood swings

Your nervous system is “ground zero” for your experiences as a human being. Every single thing that you experience, is filtered through this *physical* system and that system assigns it with a stimuli. If you’re still living in the folds of trauma, or have unresolved emotional upset causing your nervous system to misfire, it will continue to cause bigger and bigger disruptions throughout other physical systems in your body.

Harnessing the Power of Neuroplasticity That Lives Within Us

The good news about all of this is that your nervous system can be put back on a healthier path. That’s the power of neuroplasticity, or our brain’s ability to “rewire” and repair itself. Using the right tools, and setting the right groundwork, you can bring peace back to your mind and body through paying conscious attention to the very physical system that is made up of the nerves inside of you.

Practical Growth helps you harness the power in you

The point of Practical Growth is not to teach you some cliche 5-step program. It’s to teach you how to work with your nervous system to achieve your ideal results in life – be that romantic, professional, family, or anything else. Working 1:1 with me you’ll learn how to track the patterns of your nervous system and how to create a healthier physical state of being from the inside out.

This is done through 2 mechanisms.

  1.  Somatic techniques that help to pull you out of fight or flight
  2. NLP exercises that help you to reprogram your beliefs and behaviors

For the first 4-weeks we do what most programs fail to do – set the groundwork for radical psychological transformation. We get your nervous system on track so your system is healthy enough to process stress effectively. Without a healthy nervous system, there can be no healthy emotions. You’re climbing Mount Everest with no gear. Getting your nervous system in the best state possible helps us to fast-track your healing for radical results.

In the last 4-weeks of our time together, we focus on getting your brain in order. This is where the NLP practices meet the road of somatic exercises. You’re going to reprogram your own brain, change your behaviors, and change the way you react to and respond to the emotional stress in your life.

What you get with this program

That’s what neuroplasticity is. It’s your nervous system’s ability to readjust and recover itself, given the right chance. And that’s the chance you get when you take a leap of faith in yourself and invest in my 2-month private program. It’s not all talking and empty promises. The Practical Growth 1:1 coaching program comes with tangible tools that you can take away and continue to build on throughout your life and recovery journey.

Every client leaves the Practical Growth program with:

  1. Comprehensive Better Brain Plan©
  2. Somatic tools, videos, and exercises
  3. Additional textbooks and materials

Your comprehensive Better Brain Plan © is a full-scale health and wellness plan for your nervous system. It includes diet, exercise, and supplements that get your somatic and autonomic nervous systems working together. It also includes customized somatic practices that help you lower cortisol, lose weight, and release the huge emotional blocks that are holding you back.

Not enough? All participants also receive an exclusive NLP textbook, an emotional regulation workbook, and other materials that help them to continue to grow in self-identity and strength long after we stop working together.

Who Practical Growth Is For (And Who It’s Not For)

Now, it’s easy to feel like this is the perfect fit for you. It sounds great, right? It is. Practical Growth is a program that I designed through my own self-recovery and experiences. Everything I teach my clients are techniques and tools that I use in my own day-to-day life to maintain peace even in the midst of a body wracked with CPTSD. But it’s not for everyone. Why? Not everyone is ready to do the *real* work of changing and healing.

Who my program is for:

This program is not for everyone. Unlike other coaches who have finances as their bottom goal, I only take on 6 clients at a time. Why? I want to ensure that I am giving you the most attention and the best possible results. This journey isn’t a good fit for everyone. Only those who are truly committed to changing their lives, their perspectives, and their relationships need not apply.

Who my program is NOT for:

If you are someone who is still stuck in the loop, still pointing the fingers at everyone else – this program isn’t for you. The ideal participants are people who have taken charge of their lives and done the work of going to therapy, looking for answers, and educating themselves on their emotions and their bodies. Practical Growth isn’t a starter program. It’s the fast lane and is reserved for those who have plateaued in their work and want big results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Are You Ready to Grow?

This is the moment of choice. Where are you at? Are you going to choose to grow? To do something for yourself? The year is almost over. A whole new year is still waiting ahead. Now is when you get to make the most powerful choice you have made this year. Are you going to let 2024 feel as bad, as stressful, as 2023 has been? Or are you going to do something different? Are you going to take your life into your own hands and do something that matters for you?

If you’re ready to grow then click here to learn more and apply. The next session of Practical Growth begins in January 2024. Claim your spot now and make sure you’re on the list to work with me for major and radical transformation in the year ahead.


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